G-Cubed Supports a Healthy Heart For American Heart Month

Infuse Your Life Health Products, the company behind an innovative, heart-healthy supplement, wants you to take stock of your heart’s health during February.

In observance on American Heart Month, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has launched a month-long national initiative to promote awareness about heart disease and the lifestyle choices people make that may contribute to heart problems.

Despite advances in treating heart disease, American Heart Month is still needed to shine the spotlight on the No. 1 killerin the United States. This should be no surprise since “nearly half of all Americans have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or smoke – some of the leading risk factors for heart disease.

More than 800,000 people in the U.S. and 17.3 million people worldwide die of heart disease every year. These figures also don’t include the number of people who are living with heart ailments.

With cardiovascular disease still so prevalent, Americans need to re-evaluate their diet and lifestyle choices and the people at Infuse Your Life Products suggest that they take a look at G-Cubed: Advanced Plant-Based Cardiovascular Support.

It is the most versatile heart-healthy product on the market today,” said Thomas Lasic, founder and president of Infuse Your Life Health Products, Inc. “G-Cubed helps boost cardiovascular and cell health performance, reinforces healthy glucose levels, and promotes healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

G-Cubed contains super foods such as ginger, black garlic and panax ginseng in liquid form. All of these ingredients have clinical tests supporting their heart healthy benefits. All the ingredients are plant-based in G-Cubed, which does not contain sugar, caffeine, preservatives or gluten.

We developed G-Cubed because we saw a market flooded with offerings that had misleading labels, false claims and unneeded ingredients,” Lasic said. “We formulated our product so that it only contained ingredients that were beneficial to the health of your heart.

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