Cognitive Clarity Inc. Launches Percepta Sport™ and Earns International Certification for Sport® from NSF

Cognitive Clarity Inc., the creators of Percepta®, the world’s first plant-based supplement targeting the accumulation of brain plaques and tangles in normal aging, today announced an extension of its product line with the release of Percepta SportTM, an NSF International Certified for Sport® nootropic formulated for competitive athletes.

Products earning Certified for Sport® certification are rigorously tested for 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations, as well as the presence of potentially harmful contaminants. The NSF Certified for Sport® certification involves continual testing of both product formulation and facilities. Label claims and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance are also verified as part of this rigorous supplement certification program.

Dr. Alan Snow, CEO of Cognitive Clarity Inc., and creator of Percepta®, commented, “Brain plaques and tangles begin forming in early adulthood and are known to kill neurons and increase memory loss. Maintaining healthy neurons as we age is important to retain faster reaction time and better nerve-muscle responses.” Dr. Snow continued, “For those athletes looking to minimize the presence of brain plaques and tangles, Percepta SportTM is a good addition to any training regimen and would also be recommended for any person hoping to make the most of the anti-aging benefits of sport and exercise for both body and brain.”

To help safeguard brain health, Dr. Rudy Tanzi, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of Cognitive Clarity Inc. and Professor of Neurology at Harvard also recommends following the SHIELD plan, a multi-faceted approach to avoid cognitive decline, which emphasizes a brain-healthy diet, proper sleep and regular exercise as well as other brain supporting lifestyle changes.

Percepta® and Percepta SportTM are unique proprietary formulations of polyphenol-containing PTI-00703® cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) and a specific oolong tea extract (MemorTea™). With more than a decade of research and 50 issued patents behind it, Percepta® is believed to be one of the most effective daily supplements in targeting normal, age-related memory loss. No other memory supplement in the world contains PTI-00703® cat’s claw or MemorTea™. To learn more about the first plant-based nootropic that targets the real reason we lose memory as we age, please go to:

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