Manuka Sport is coming to Amazon with its Manuka Honey based energy/hydration drinks and energy gels

Manuka Sport is bringing its tasty and healthy line of sports nutrition and performance products powered with Manuka Honey to the biggest online retailer, Amazon.

Manuka Sport offers athletes a unique and complete product line to enjoy before, during and after a workout. The products that are coming soon to Amazon include: Manuka Sport Citrus Energy Gel, Manuka Sport Cherry Energy Gel with caffeine, Manuka Sport Orange Hydration + Energy drink, and Manuka Sport Raw Manuka Honey.

All Manuka Sport products contain Manuka honey from New Zealand, which provides athletes with health benefits in two different areas such as hydration with its orange honey ultra blend of Manuka honey powder, BCAAs, carbohydrates and electrolytes; and energy with its energy gel containing, carbohydrates, electrolytes and the option of caffeine.

We believe in the quality of our product andin the value that these products can add to the workout routines of ourathletes nationwide, and that’s why we are thrilled that we’ll soon have ManukaSport products available for purchase on Amazon,” Tom Buckley, ManukaSport CEO, said.

As a functional food, Manuka honey promotes positive gut health by balancing the function of gut microbiota. It increases the concentration of good bacteria and stops growth of bad bacteria.

Manuka honey is the best honey that’s available inthe market because it serves as an all-natural carbohydrate source, an all-natural probiotic source and an all-natural sweetener.”Manuka Sport is truly ideal for all enduranceathletes like marathon and half marathon runners, Spartan racers and triathlonracers,” Buckley said. “Before a workout, we recommend taking the hydrationand energy drink, then during the workout, we recommend one of our energy gelswith or without caffeine, and finally, as a post-workout meal, we encourageathletes to make themselves a refreshing smoothie and to use some of our rawManuka honey as sweetener!

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