Ocean Spray’s New Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements Offer Consumers Something to “Chew” to Maintaining Urinary Tract Health

Ocean SPray.jpgThe healthy goodness of the cranberry and its power to help maintain urinary tract health have been well documented throughout the years.  As research continues to uncover the how’s and why’s, consumer needs also continue to evolve.  Consumers are now looking for more natural, convenient sources of nutrition and supplements to maintain health.  Today, the cranberry experts at Ocean Spray are unleashing the unique health benefits of the cranberry in a soft chew form with their new Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements.

Ocean Spray® Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements are a convenient, great-tasting daily supplement, formulated to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.  They are made from real fruit and have no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  Better yet, they are Non-GMO*, gluten free and contain only 25 calories per chew.

Research suggests that the cranberry holds a whole host of total body benefits and for decades we at Ocean Spray have been dedicated to researching, supporting and delivering great-tasting, good-for-you products,” said Chet Baker, Director of Healthcare and New Platforms.  “The introduction of Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements sets in motion our commitment to provide products that deliver even better taste, health and convenience for our consumers busy lifestyles.”

Ocean SPray 2.jpg

Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements are an effective way for maintaining urinary tract health.  A landmark study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutritionin June 2016, showed that consuming 8 ounces of cranberry juice cocktail daily reduced the recurrence of symptomatic UTIs in women by nearly 40%.  According to Christina Khoo, Ocean Spray’s Director of Global Health Science & Nutrition Policy, “fewer UTIs could mean a significant reduction in the need for antibiotics used to treat them.”  Ocean Spray® Cranberry +health™ Cranberry Supplements, which contain the same amount of cranberry polyphenols as the juice drink formula in that clinical study, make it easy and convenient to get these powerful cranberry compounds daily.


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