Tranquinatur, a product by Spanish company El Naturalista, helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation

El Naturalista uses traditional herbal products that promote rest and tranquility for Tranquinatur such as: Valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, orange blossom and black horehound

El Naturalista, a company with more than 50 years of experience producing health and wellness supplements, offers an extended variety of natural products obtained through non-synthetic procedures ensuring a lower number of side effects. Tranquinatur, in particular, relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation.

“Rather than taking a pill manufactured with unknown chemicals synthesized in a lab, try taking something natural and good for the whole body,” said El Naturalista President, Ruben Calvo.

Using the science-based Phytotherapy healthcare practice, El Naturalista’s herbal supplements utilize the nutrition readily found in plants and herbs. This makes El Naturalista products safe for all ages. ACPG Laboratories produces the supplements in pollutant-free rooms with controlled environmental factors such as air particles, temperature, humidity, airflow, internal air pressure and light intensity.

Tranquinatur is a dietary supplement that uses traditional plants to relieve anxiety, promote rest and tranquility, including black horehound, hawthorn, orange blossom, valerian and passionflower. Calvo said the unique mixing of plants is the key to El Naturalista’s success.

Too many doctors look to address one specific issue without considering a drug’s effects on the rest of the body,” Calvo added, “El Naturalista uses healthcare techniques grounded in consciousness of the environment and body acting as a whole.”

A member of Ecoembes, an organization in Spain that cares for the environment through recycling and eco-friendly design of packaging, the company’s mission is to make it possible for some of its packaging to have a second life as recycled raw material.

El Naturalista has other dietary supplements such as Muconatur, Digesnatur, Venatur and Chitosan. These products work for common colds, circulation, weight control, stress, cholesterol, restorative products and other similar ailments.

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