Quimdis is proud to distribute Arjuna’s products, whose BCM95, its main ingredient, is produced through an efficently sustainable program.


  • Ingredients produced only using solar energy

BCM95® is the first patented turmeric extract developed exclusively by solar energy.
More than 1000 solar panels save 438,000 kWh of energy every year.

Capture d¹écran 2018-06-14 à 18.38.33.png

  • Ingredients produced through rainwater harvesting

Arjuna has managed to cope with groundwater depletion in many Indian states and now uses rainwater for the production of its ingredients. A well with a capacity of 250 KL of water has been installed in their factory.

  • Preserving land through tree planting

Arjuna is committed to planting trees every year on 10 to 20 hectares of land in order to prevent global warming, stop desertification and preserve biodiversity.

  • Effluent treatment to limit the impact on the environment

Chemical pollution is one of Arjuna’s concerns. Thus, the company has set up an effluent treatment plant with sufficient capacity to treat the waste produced by the various units.

Vidéo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl9K58tHqEc

BCM95® is a patented extract of Curcuma longa L., composed of a unique blend of curcuminoids and curcuma oleoresin.

It is the only extract containing exclusively turmeric and possessing optimal bioavailability and bioactivity.

This extract is supported by several clinical studies: bioavailability / bioactivity, articulation, stress, digestion…

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