QUIMDIS / ARJUNA – Innovation in joint health formulas: The synergy of 2 powerfull active ingredients

The Indian company ARJUNA, specialized in active plants, published a clinical study with a combination of BCM95® (a patented Curcuma longa extract) and AKBAMAX™ (a Boswellia serrata extract.) for the osteoarthritis. The result of this association showed a significant reduction of joint pain thanks to an inhibition of the two inflammatory pathways: Cyclooxygenase-2 pathway for BCM95® and 5-Lipoxygenase pathway for AKBAMAX®.
BCM95® is the only 100% Curcuma longa extract with high bioavailability and bioactivity without use of additives. The unique combination of curcuminoids and turmeric essential oils allows an enhanced oral bioavailability (7 times higher than a standard extract) and retention of curcumin in blood (even after 8H).
AKBAMAX® is a unique Boswellia serrata extract with synergism of acetyl group of boswellic acids. It is standardized with 10% of AKBA. Compared to a standard extract, AKBAMAX® is five times more potent.
These two extracts are suitable for tablets, capsules, sticks, sachets, etc…
They are distributed in France by Quimdis in accordance with the European and French regulations.

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