Asiros introduced BERRYSHIELD™ berry powders

The BERRYSHIELD™ range of complete berry powders offer a multitude of healthy, tasteful, colourful berry nutrients packed in a uniquely protective matrix as if they were still in the raw berry, ideal for both direct consumption, health supplements and as food & beverage ingredients.

 Thanks to patent-pending processing technology berry powders produced with the BERRYSHIELD™ technology have a complete profile of berry nutrients and a unique protection of bioactive compounds such as polyphenols including flavonoids. The solvent-free BERRYSHIELD™ processing technology protects the berry compounds during processing, and the result is a range of highly stable berry powders. All BERRYSHIELD™ powders are free from maltodextrin, gluten, dairy, soy, colourings, flavourings and artificial sweeteners and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Asiros works exclusively with European sourced berries, the supply chain is secured to the field with contracted farmers and the production is managed in industrial scale by Asiros.

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