An Interview with Hame Persaud of HP Ingredients in Nutraceuticals World

Health E-Insights: You’re really excited about your LJ100 product. Why?

Mr. Persaud: LJ100 Tongkat ali has potential to support male and female energy and fitness, notably in middle-age and beyond, if taken regularly. Many studies support this use. Research has also revealed that LJ100 is not just any Tongkat ali, and encourages endogenous production of healthy testosterone. In this manner, LJ100 has been shown in studies to support men who want to sustain healthy romantic activity and increase chance of successful pregnancy with their partners, as well as lessen symptoms of andropause. There are no side effects, only side benefits like less stress and fatigue, and women can use it safely at lower doses. Additionally, today’s increasingly stressful lifestyle takes a toll on energy and virility. LJ100 to the rescue.

Health E-Insights: I believe ParActin is also one of your leading products?

Mr. Persaud: I am likewise enamored with ParActin, a proprietary and patented extract of Andrographis paniculata. Our considerable research here has shown that ParActin is one of the most superior and effective ingredients to support healthy inflammatory responses; some studies have shown it may be more effective than curcumin in some cases.

Health E-Insights: Scientifically speaking, why have you focused your product science from around the globe?
Mr. Persaud: Our founder and CEO, Annie Eng, has always been deeply intrigued by aboriginal botanicals used for healing or health sustenance; once she began with LJ100, the world literally and figuratively just opened up to her from there. We also believe in working closely with researchers, experts and universities from the nation or region in which the botanical is used because we believe the innate familiarity furthers clarification of understanding how it works and its applications for human health, worldwide.

Health E-Insights: What can you tell me about your company’s plans for growth?

Mr. Persaud: HP Ingredients believes in sustainable growth for the long-term. One of our core strengths and activities has been investing in research on our ingredients—in vitro, animal and human. We are also extremely sustainable minded when it comes to the raw resources, and the people who steward them, to ensure the resources and their caretakers are able to become established and to flourish. More specifically, HP Ingredients is working diligently and expediently to become the go-to company for scientifically proven, organic, safe, health-serving ingredients that both our brand marketer partners and their consumers can trust for long-term use.

Health E-Insights: Any significant trends you see in the industry?

Mr. Persaud: Trends are always difficult to identify in an industry that is growing so voluminously in every aspect including R&D, science, new companies, new products, and consumer acceptance and desire. I venture to say that our industry remains a cutting-edge trend in and of itself in the tapestry that is the modern American lifestyle.

Health E-Insights: You’ve lived in many parts of the world. Share some of your travels.

Mr. Persaud: Yes, I have had the experience of living in quite a few countries including Guyana, Barbados, U.K., Canada and the U.S. I also maintain a home in India, where my family is rooted for many generations. Traveling for personal growth—holiday as they say outside the U.S.—has also enhanced my worldview. For example, I loved sipping hot milk fresh from a cow served in a clay pot while trekking the Himalayas on a shrine crawl. I also enjoyed my time in Ravello, on the Amalfi coast of Italy, where the best Limoncello can likely be had.

Health E-Insights: What one thing do you want to accomplish by the end of 2017?

Mr. Persaud: Besides world peace? Overall, I would love to see more consumers trust, purchase and incorporate the wide variety of science-backed dietary supplements to improve how they feel. Those products of course would contain our ingredients. As one example, we want to position ParActin as the go-to foremost ingredient that supports healthy inflammatory response.

Health E-Insights: What’s your favorite sweet treat?

Mr. Persaud: I’m in Florida now, and I cannot resist Florida key lime pie.

Source Nutraceuticals World

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