Viridis – Vitamin K2-7 with extended stability

Force degradation studies have shown that Vitamin K2-7 is susceptible to high alkalinity and the issue is more pronounced in the presence of calcium salts, minerals, etc.
In industrial process of making a calcium tablet alkaline pH is generated due to CaO present in minor but variable quantities which forms calcium hydroxide when moistened in aqueous agglomeration process. The formulators are quite often not able to strictly adhere to formulation requirements and control moisture and we see in several cases degradation of Vitamin K2-7 during shelf life.
To address this issue of ensuring stability of Vitamin K2-7 in calcium and mineral formulations and other harsh formulation manufacturing conditions, Synergia Life Science is now offering a specially “coated” MenaquinGold Powder grade “MenaquinGold ES” for extended stability. This is a unique coating technology using a proprietary coating approved for oral application in pharmaceutical and foods.
Using MenaquinGold ES ensures optimum stability of Vitamin K2-7 in calcium mineral formulations and gives manufacturer the flexibility in following their ideal manufacturing process for tablets, capsules, etc.
MenaquinGold ES ensures that consumers receive the recommended dose of Vitamin K2-7 in the formulation consumed through the shelf, thus ensuring optimum and continual health benefits.
Synergia’s forced degradation studies in aqueous granulated calcium carbonate formulations shows that MenaquinGold ES is completely stable under accelerated real time storage conditions in harsh alkaline condition.
Please find attached our product specification sheet.

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