Evolva pre-launches portal for online product sales

Evolva has pre-launched its portal for online product sales. Evolva’s WebShop was created to expand the sales and marketing platform for Evolva’s resveratrol, the functional ingredient in red wine that you’ve been hearing about (see also res.evolva.com). In the near future, the WebShop will offer a wide range of Evolva products. The WebShop currently targets business-to-business customers, rather than retail and consumers.

Customers can go to the WebShop portal and order a FREE 10-gram sample of Evolva’s high-purity powder form of resveratrol. Additionally, registered customers can now order:

  • Small order quantities of resveratrol in 100 g, 1 kg, and 5 kg packs
  • Multiples of the resveratrol pack sizes
  • Resveratrol product specifications and technical/quality documents
  • Resveratrol product Certificate of Analysis

Many of the beneficial effects of resveratrol, such as the way it mimics the effects of a calorie-restricted diet, are thought to be mediated via its induction of “survival” genes. This action results in the rejuvenation of a number of systems that start to fail as we age. Evolva’s natural, high-purity resveratrol (>98% pure) easily formulates into dietary supplements, foods, beverages, cosmetic, and personal care products without affecting taste, smell or color of the final product.

Evolva’s resveratrol is produced from fermentation. The finished product is a >98% pure powder form of this ingredient, whose supply chain is stable, sustainable, and free from environmental contaminants.Visit Evolva’s new online portal by clicking on this link.

Visit Evolva’s booth

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