Ingredia – Discover their meal replacement concept at HIE featuring PRODIET® Fluid


Slimming products continue to increase shelf space on supermarket shelves. Manufacturers need to innovate for consumers who expect new products frequently. Ingredia’s solution is a unique ingredient to develop products with the characteristics expected by consumers: milky taste, fluid texture, good nutritional quality from micellar casein, and convenient: PRODIET® Fluid. In the weight management market, a manufacturer’s challenge is to develop healthy products with a good taste and texture. The weight management market is expected to grow in the coming years.

Therefore, Ingredia has an innovative solution with PRODIET® Fluid, a unique ingredient for meal replacement.

High protein products are not only for body-builders, there is a growing demand for convenient, RTD products that can be taken “on-the-go”. Meal replacements can meet consumer expectations and needs by fitting into a healthy lifestyle and decreasing meal times.

PRODIET® Fluid is native micellar casein which contains more than 87% protein on dry matter. PRODIET® Fluid has a delicious milky taste and high nutritional quality (rich in BCAA* and in leucine). This unique micellar casein combines technical and nutritional functionalities; it enables the development of meal replacement with high protein content while keeping incredible fluidity, smooth texture and milky taste. After UHT treatment, PRODIET® Fluid remains perfectly fluid for an industry-leading RTD product.

Visit Ingredia’s booth

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