Vidya Europe expands its line ORGANIC VI-ACTIVETM – Bioavailable Turmeric

fleur_vidyaVidya Europe, part of Vidya Herbs Group, is a leader in manufacturing herbal extracts and natural carotenoids. Vidya Europe offers a wide range of herbal extracts certified Organic by Ecocert, ISO, HACCP, GMP, Kosher & Halal.

Vi-ActiveTM Turmeric is the last development at Vidya. This extract standardized at 95% Curcumunoids is clinically proven for its high bioavailability for Curcumin.

In order to diversify its portfolio and provide bioavailable ORGANIC Turmeric for different markets, Vidya now offers the Vi-ActiveTM in different formulations:

  1. Powder & Granule – solid form for tablet / capsule
  2. Emulsion – liquid form for ampoule / sirup / food
  3. Oil Suspension – liquid form for soft gel / food

Vi-ActiveTM is guaranteed free from pesticides and free from PAHs (in accordance with the European Regulations)

This Vi-ActiveTM range comes to complete the Turmeric extract range and the organic & conventional herbal extract ranges.

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