Evolva launches websites for F&F ingredients nootkatone and valencene

Evolva is inviting visitors to explore the new product websites for its Flavour and Fragrance (F&F) ingredients nootkatone and valencene. The websites have been designed to provide a user-friendly experience and allow access to technical data and detailed product information. The sites also offer the possibility to discuss your needs directly with one of our specialists..

In addition, the websites feature an informational video on how our products are made by fermentation, industry relevant media articles and more.

Valencene is an ingredient widely used in F&F. With the taste and aroma of oranges valencene drives consumer preference in food and beverage, personal care and household products. Found in small amounts in the peel of oranges it is responsible for their characteristic aroma. Similarly, Nootkatone is an F&F ingredient that occurs in grapefruit and is responsible for its characteristic aroma. Until now, the use of valued ingredients, valencene and nootkatone, has been limited by high cost, limited supply and inconsistent product quality. By brewing these flavours from sugar, rather than extracting it from the fruits, allows for scaling-up in a sustainable and affordable manner.

CP1.jpg CP2.jpg

Visit Evolva’s booth

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