Frutarom – Growing Recognition and Demand for HyperPure Ingredients

Infographic Consumer Trust June 2016Frutarom Health BU reports a surge in demand for its EFLA® HyperPure Line in the US market since the beginning of 2016. The unprecedented growth can be considered a result of diminishing consumer trust in supplements and the call for short ingredient lists.

Frutarom’s HyperPure technology, originally used in the company’s Swiss pharmaceutical-grade facility, gently processes botanical nutraceuticals, without impairing their bioactivity or health benefits. This sustainable, “eco-green” technology maintains the nature of the ingredient while achieving improved solubility.

“Consumers deserve the best quality products and should not compromise on cheap, untrusted solutions,” contributes Riemensperger. “For today’s consumer, it is all about trust and transparency; they’re actively seeking healthy products, but at the same time want to know these products are completely safe to use. With HyperPure, they have that assurance.”

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