Novastell – Granules Plus: functionalized lecithin granules with health claims

Functionalized lecithin granules with health claims. It is now possible thanks to an innovative process of production.

Deoiled lecithin presented as granules is an old and well-known dietetic supplement traditionally consumed with salads or dairy products. It allows a food supply in phospholipids and some nutrients like choline, inositol and phosphorus. Lecithin in granules have also a positive effect on blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

The production process doesn’t allow to incorporate easily other active ingredients, eg vitamins or minerals, without encountering important loss. It also obliges to produce huge quantities for each batch. These points restrains the possibilities of innovation and the opportunity to use health claims.

Novastell used a patented process to overpass this limitation by coating the lecithin granules with the active ingredient. This process avoids any loss in the active ingredient. It allows to obtain a homogenous and stable product ready to be packed in boxes.

The first product of the range is called Granules Plus-Phytosterols. It supplies 800 mg of plant sterols with 10 g of lecithin granules and conforms to the health claim “contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels“.

What will be yours ?

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