Ingredia – Prodiet Lactoferrin, an iron-binding glycoprotein for immune and gut health

Ingredia Nutritional, renowned for offering innovative ingredients with scientifically validated health benefits, has added a new active ingredient to their range: Prodiet Lactoferrin. This natural ingredient was launched at Vitafoods 2015 and succeeded in reaching expectations.

What is lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a protein naturally occurring in milk and other human secretions. This glycoprotein has a high iron-binding capacity and provides multiple benefits such as immune and gut health.

Prodiet Lactoferrin is directly produced from Ingredia’s fresh, premium French milk. The cutting-edge technology of Ingredia Nutritional enables to preserve the native structure of Prodiet Lactoferrin as found in fresh milk.

Thus, Prodiet Lactoferrin ensures the highest purity on the market in a non-denatured form. Indeed, the native structure of Prodiet Lactoferrin is essential for its optimal biological activity.

Prodiet Lactoferrin has proved to have various benefits such as immune health, oral hygiene, gut health and skin care.

Prodiet Lactoferrin can be used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, oral and dental hygiene products, as well as skin care products.

For more information about Prodiet Lactoferrin and to discover the whole range of natural bioactives of Ingredia Nutritional, visit or visit Ingredia Nutritional’s booth on my Nutriplace!

Visit Ingredia’s booth

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