LHC – Focus on immune health at Vitafoods with LifeinUTM Bacillus subtilis CU1

Lesaffre Human Care, supplier of quality ingredients from yeast and bacteria fermentation for the global human care markets, will be rolling out its newest proprietary bacterium: LifeinUTM Bacillus subtilis CU1, the most stable probiotic for immune support with clinically proven efficacy, at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva (March 10th- 12th).

LifeinUTM BSCU1 has been clinically proven to strengthen the body natural defenses, especially in people with a weakened immune system1. LifeinUTM BSCU1 is made of an exclusive and patented strain of Bacillus subtilis registered as CNCM I-2745.

Beneficial effects of LifeinUTM BSCU1 consumption were demonstrated in a four-month clinical trial conducted in healthy seniors in collaboration with an independent expert in Gastroenterology and recently published in the peer-reviewed ‘Immunity & Ageing’ journal2.

With its ability to increase human sIgA levels by creating two natural shields, LifeinUTM BSCU1 can help the whole family1 maintain a powerful immune system at all times; helping consumers better face infections, stay healthy and perform well every day. It can also provide long-term support to healthy people at risk of immunodeficiency1 such as the elderly, people suffering from chronic stress, undergoing intense training, children, etc.

Being highly stable, LifeinUTM BSCU1 can survive extreme conditions such as exposure to the human gastrointestinal tract and harsh manufacturing processes; which allows it to deliver its health benefits through a diverse range of dietary supplement as well as food & beverage applications (e.g.: hot tea, cereal bar, etc.)

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1 As for all probiotics, the use of LifeinUTM Bacillus subtilis CU1 in patients in fragile health conditions (such as high-risk immune-compromised patients, critically sick infants, pre-term infants…) as well as in children under 3 years old is contraindicated.

2 Lefevre M, Racedo S, Ripert G, Housez B, Cazaubiel M, Maudet C, Jüsten P, Marteau P, Urdaci M. Probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis CU1 stimulates immune system of elderly during common infectious disease period: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study. Immunity & Ageing (2015) 12:24; DOI 10.1186/s12979-015-0051-y.

3 Secretory immunoglobulins A (sIgA) represent the 1st line of immune body defenses against pathogens.

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