Ingredia – PRODIET® 90 a unique milk protein for a healthy life style. Discover on the Vitafoods, our new “3x” Milk Beverage developed with PRODIET® 90.

PRODIET® 90 is a native milk protein isolate with a high protein amount: ≥ 90% on dry matter with a low sugar and a low lactose content of 1 %. PRODIET® 90 is produced from fresh milk collected in less than 24 hours, which gives the protein a good microbiological quality and milky taste. Moreover, the proteins are extracted by filtration, a non-denaturing process, keeping the protein in its native form.

Through the non-denaturing process, PRODIET® 90 contains both micellar casein and native whey in the same ratio as skim milk. The product has an ideal composition for the nutrition market, as it combines the benefits of micellar casein and native whey proteins. This native protein has an excellent amino acids profile and is particularly adapted to nutrition market. The lactose-reduced content of this protein allows the formulation of products with no/low/reduced lactose claims.

PRODIET® 90 is an outstanding milk protein which can be used in beverages for the weight management market. This native milk protein is easy to rehydrate and resistant to heat treatment. We developed for the Vitafoods, an innovative concept “3x” Milk Beverage with the PRODIET® 90.

“3x Milk Beverage”, is a milk beverage enriched in protein, in calcium & low in sugar, thanks to PRODIET® 90. This milk beverage contains more than 9% protein, less than 1% of sugar/lactose and 360mg of calcium.

The product has nutritional benefits to optimize weight loss:

  • Feel fuller longer thanks to the high protein content
  • Highly bioavailable calcium which prevents from weight and fat gain

This UHT beverage is an on-the-go solution, ideal for weight management.

Discover all the potential of our PRODIET® 90 high protein milk beverage at the Vitafoods exhibition.

Visit Ingredia’s booth

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