Simple natural ingredients for multiple health benefits

A growing number of consumers, particularly among the Millennials, demand healthier products with cleaner labels. Even if the concept of clean-labeling is not well defined nor regulated, we all agree to say that cleaner labels contain less ingredients and mainly ‘consumer-friendly’ ones. Those can be either familiar ingredient (flour, butter, eggs,…) and/or naturally-sourced ingredients (vegetable proteins, chicory root fibre, potato starch,…).

Considering this, plant ingredients with multiple health benefits are particularly interesting as they enable to simplify recipes together with bringing holistic nutritional benefits. Cosucra’s core ingredients, Fibruline® chicory root fiber and Pisane® pea protein isolate, are among those trendy ingredients. In order to demonstrate their benefits and the added-value of simple ingredients for your end-products, Cosucra will present two turnkey concepts:

-a sugar-reduced hard candy which is high in fibre, to benefit digestive health, and which enables to decrease blood sugar response,

-a breakfast gingerbread, which is source of protein and high in fiber for a wholesome satiating breakfast.

This 2016 Vitafood edition will also be the occasion to introduce Fibruline® S30, an upgraded granulated inulin with increased solubility, more particularly suited for bakery and confectionery applications.

Visit Cosucra’s booth on  My NutriPlace

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