POLARIS Nutritional Lipids at FIE 2015

POLARIS will attend the international Food Ingredients Europe 2015 exhibition this year.

POLARIS is a major actor in innovative lipids and offers a range of health ingredient and high-value contract manufacturing services. POLARIS is specialized in the production and the formulation of
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, especially Omega 3 of marine and vegetable origin. Thanks to its expertise, POLARIS produces and offers a range of health ingredients based on oils rich in PUFAs under the brand Omegavie®,  targeting each stage in life and different health applications.

POLARIS will introduce its latest innovation: Omegavie® DHA 40 G-form Qualitysilver®. This
product consists of a high quality concentrated marine oil rich in DHA under the most interesting
forms of Omega-3: mono and diglycerides. Polaris has developed this exclusive marine oil through a
green technology process where DHA retains its natural position on the glycerol. The strong
emulsifying power of mono and diglycerides combined to the strategic position of the DHA on the
glycerol make this ingredient very interesting.

The result:  an optimised intestinal absorption of Omega-3 DHA for the eye and brain markets, ideal
for the seniors market. An innovation created by Polaris!

splashing of olive oil in water
bubbles of oliveoil in water isolated

POLARIS is an expert in lipids engineering and provides high stability and purity to its whole range of Omegavie® marine oils thanks to its QUALITYSILVER® patented process. This technology allows the
stabilization of oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and delays the onset of oxidation. Organoleptic
and nutritional properties of marine and vegetable oils are therefore efficiently preserved.

Thanks to its capacity of creation and anticipation of the needs of nutrition professionals, POLARIS
offers innovative and effective solutions for your developments.  POLARIS is therefore the partner of
choice for specialists in the nutraceutical, food, cosmetic and animal health sectors.

“We will be happy to welcome you at Vitafoods on stand 6O51-8. Come and discover our products
and discuss our future collaboration!” Véronique SANCEAU, Marketing and communication

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