Choose the right natural ingredient, make your product healthier

COSUCRA savoury cake Cosucra FIE2015

Many people still do not realize that it is now easy to combine indulgence and healthy nutrition. Indeed, by choosing the right ingredients, you can make your products more balanced and healthier, in an invisible way!

You still have some doubts?

To convince you, at the occasion of next FIE, Cosucra has launched a web campaign entitled “Can you see the difference?” in which 3 ‘unhealthy’ products (savoury cake, crackers, Pina Colada), usually enjoyed during aperitif, are re-balanced thanks to Fibruline® chicory fiber (inulin) and Pisane® pea protein, without impacting on the texture or taste.

2015 FIE will also be the opportunity for Cosucra to demonstrate its R&D capabilities and creativity through our Cosucra Innovation Lab where it will be possible to taste our brand new aperitif recipes and meet our food experts.

For more information, visit their dedicated website and their booth 6F5 during 2015 FIE!

Visit Cosucra’s booth on My NutriPlace !