New results on cholesterol reduction of LIPOPHYTOL® microencapsulated plant sterols by Lipofoods

Lipofoods as part of its portfolio offers LIPOPHYTOL®, a water dispersible form of plant sterols with proven cholesterol reduction efficacy, which has been microencapsulated to facilitate their incorporation in food matrices.

A recent in vivo study was performed by the Tecnological Center of Nutrition and Health (CTNS) in order to evaluate the effect of water dispersible microencapsulated pine phytoesterols (LIPOPHYTOL®-P) on cholesterol reduction and on triglycerides levels in Golden Syrian hamsters. New results of LIPOPHYTOL demonstrate:

  • LIPOPHYTOL® treatment restored the levels of LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol to normal values in high fat diet induced dyslipidemic hamsters.
  • Cholesterol absorption showed a dramatic drop in those animals consuming LIPOPHYTOL® compared to control and high fat diet groups.

To find out more, please download the PDF on Lipofoods booth

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